About Us

eVisa Services AG is a leading independent provider of products and services related to E-Visas with its headquarters in Liechtenstein. These services and products cover the entire range of E-Visa processing and IT solutions needed to develop and run an E-Visa system. The rapid growing market of E-Visas requires innovation, technological development, secure, stable, web based solutions and 24/7 customer service.

Our alliances with global customer service centres and highly specialized, dedicated IT companies ensure we match the high demands related to these services.

E-Visas are becoming increasingly popular across countries from all over the world. Various E-Visa systems have been implemented to apply online for a visa.

An E-Visa is an official document, also referred to as a travel authorization, which enables people with certain nationalities to enter the relevant destination. Applicants are required to enter specific personal information via an online platform and make a payment with their credit card for the visa. The requirements and eligibility of the application as well as the information required vary from country to country. Once the application has been reviewed by government systems the electronic visa will be sent to the applicant by Email or can be downloaded on a website.

Business Clients
We develop customized and independent E-Visa solutions for governments. Based on the requirements of each government we develop the official website with a modern customer interface including E-Visa information and an online application form with an SSL certificate. A customized back end and database with integrated customer service module ensure a smooth process for a large number of applications per day. Different secure payment options can be integrated to pay the application fee. Further to the comprehensive IT and merchant banking solutions, we also offer the processing of customer applications. This enables a government to implement a modern and secure E-Visa system without the need for additional resources.

We also offer alliances with airlines and travel agencies to check the E-Visa application of their passengers and customers to avoid any problems at check-in from the departure country or at the immigration counter of the destination country.

Private Clients
We provide a professional E-Visa service to assist travellers looking to apply for an E-Visa for one of the numerous countries offering E-Visa travel. We also provide comprehensive services to check your eligibility and correct and complete application information in order to avoid a denial of your E-Visa.